Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Am I the only one?"

I knew that if she had any idea how loved she was, it would change everything. 
So I told her.

She was a tiny, beautiful, Asian flight attendant on Malaysia Air, serving us on our flight from Malaysia to Thailand. 
Thoughts that originated in Heaven were coming into my mind about this girl, and I was certain that during this flight, God wanted her to hear about His love for her.

I wasn't so sure she spoke English. 
But I figured if God was telling me to talk to her, He'd already thought that one out.
Turns out that He had.
So I went to the bathroom in hopes that she'd be in the back of the plane by the bathroom when I came out. 
Turns out that she was.

"Um hello. English?"
"Little bit."
"Well I am a Christian, I serve the Creator God. He told me to tell you that He loves you very much."

She smiled a face-filling smile. 
Her eyes got big. 
"Am I the only one?" 

I smiled and explained that no, He actually loved everyone, but she was the only one that He had just told me to tell. 

This question, posed by the tiny and beautiful Asian flight attendant, struck something pretty deep in me. The look in her eyes, the smile on her face, the hope in her voice, it all communicated her desire to be someone really really special to Someone who mattered. 
She wanted to be the only one. 
She wanted to be God's only one. 

For those of us who have had John 3:16 memorized since we were 5, it's pretty much embedded into our minds that God loves the world, and everybody in it. 
For those of us who are just now hearing about the God who loves,
and for all of us in between, we're all in the same 
Really, we all want to be the only one.
The flight attendant was just honest and un-churched enough to put words to it. 

So what do we do with that?
We're not ever going to be the only one God loves, but isn't that such Good News? Something so beautiful and full, that no one else in the world would get to enjoy? It would be awful and hellish, two things God is not. 
BUT, there's a but, this desire we've all got to not just be another one, mixed in with 7 billion others, is a desire that God gave us. 
He's not disappointed in our desire to be special and the desire to crave His love, because He put it there. 
Although there are billions of others receiving His Love, none of them are like me. We've all got different faces, different bodies, different thoughts, different dreams, different words, different spirits. 
The love I've got is my own special breed and there's never been nor will ever be another breed like it. 
Because I'm my own special breed and there's never been nor will there ever be another like me. 
We can all thank the I-can't-understand-His-crazy-Creativity God for that one. 
What me and Jesus have together is unique between me and Him. 
It always will be. 
The love I give Him is unique to the love you give Him, 
so we get to be in the 

The tiny and beautiful Asian flight attendant didn't have the English vocabulary nor the time for me to tell her about the special way God is looking at her unique heart, wanting her unique Love. 
But Holy Spirit speaks a different sort of language heard by the heart, and I believe He will tell her all these things and so much more.