Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Moi River Moms.

On Saturday afternoons I go to the Moi River that is the border of Thailand and Burma. 
I ride in the back of a truck with about 15 kids from Life Impact that have been rescued from human trafficking, abuse, or abandondment. 
Once at the river, we unload, lay down a tarp, and watch the poor Burmese kids run up, excited to start their Saturday program. 
The Life Impact kids lead them in songs, pray with them, and teach them about the Creator God, His Son, and His Spirit that wants to come live inside of them. 
We all have a pretty great time. 

This past Saturday, I did something new and oh-so-exciting at the Moi River. I preached the Gospel to the Buddhist moms who wait for their kids while they attend the program. 
Awhile back, somebody at Life Impact had the genius idea of having a separate service for the moms and on this particular Saturday they let me do the preaching and it was so sweet and this is a long sentence. 
Anyways, I told the moms about how different God's Son is, that He is the only One who ever lived that didn't do a single wrong.
Then I told them about the way the only innocent Man was killed so that the guilty could be forgiven. 
They listened. 
We're going to keep telling these moms about Jesus and the Holy Spirit is going to persuade them with the truth that they're hearing.
Will you pray for these moms?
And while you're praying, 
pray for me, that I'll bring so so so much glory to the
 Lamb of God.  

p.s. Next time I leave the country, I'm devoting an entire suitcase to boxes of cereal.