Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Light ruins darkness.

 The light shines through the darkness and the darkness will never extinguish it. That's what God said in John chapter 1, verse 5.  

I'm currently sitting on a plane that's taking me from Burma (Myanmar) back to Thailand. 

Burma is a war-ravaged country that has plenty of opportunity for light to shine in. There has been a violent civil war between the nation's military and ethnic tribes for the past 60 years, causing the longest civil war in the history of the world. 
But, light ruins darkness. 
During my five days in the country,  I got to go to several places where the Light of the world is ruining darkness. 

I spent time at a Life Impact home where 40 children live together, and darkness was nowhere around. What was around was smiling faces, laughter, affection, and the goodness of God. I taught them English worship songs, Red Rover, Duck Duck Goose, Hot Potato, and about hearing God's Voice. 
 Most of these children were orphaned after a hurricane hit a few years ago. God told a single lady to go there and do something about His sons and daughters who found themselves in a dark place without a mom and dad. So she did. 
The Light of the world escorted her into this dark place and together, she and Jesus have rescued 40 kids.

I went to three Christian drug rehabs and darkness was nowhere around. What was around was freedom, joy, and men who God is going to use to change the world. I told these men, most who are former heroin addicts, about the power of redemption. When God sees them, He doesn't see drug addicts, He sees honorable sons who are mighty in His Kingdom. 

Will you pray for Burma today? 
Pray that the Holy Spirit will show Burma that Jesus is the Light of the world and that revival will come. 
Life Impact gave each child shopping money and we took them to the mall
Brothers who are former heroin addicts, now pastoring a Christian rehab
 together, we're singing, "No place I would rather be"

This is a little girl whose head was shaved to fight lice
 see you soon, Burma