Sunday, September 1, 2013


After carrying her child for 7 months, the Burmese lady went into labor at the Burmese hospital in Mae Sot, Thailand that offers free medical care. Immediately after delivering a 2-month early, tiny baby girl, the new mom fled the hospital. Abandoned by her mother, the infant was left in the care of the hospital staff. 

She didn't have a birth certificate, she didn't have a name, she didn't have a mom. 

For two months and ten days, she was passed between staff members at the hospital. At some point in these first few weeks of her life, she was given the name "Grace." 

When we first saw her, she was lying wrapped in blankets on a bamboo floor with a bottle propped up and stuck in her mouth. Upon laying eyes on her beautiful Burmese face, I picked her up and started to whisper things to her. I whispered the old old story of God's great love for man. I told Grace that I knew a King who would never leave her, never reject her. I told her of the way the King wanted her and she listened quietly. 

The next day, a young couple from Life Impact International rescued Grace from a lonely place of rejection and took into their arms to raise her as their own. 
Now Grace has a mom, dad, and future full of the Love of Jesus Christ. 

My father and mother may abandon me, but the Lord will take care of me. 
-Psalm 27:10