Saturday, September 7, 2013

Elephants and tigers and the fullest of hearts.

I drove up a mountain and was kissed by an elephant.

I laid my head on a tiger's stomach and listened to him purr. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand has made it's way to the very top of my "favorite cities in the world" list. We just spent one day there, but it was the most adventure-packed, drenched in laughter day I've ever had.

Maybe I've told you, maybe not, but my parents are my favorite human beings. I got to spend their last day in Thailand with them in Chiang Mai; riding elephants, petting tigers, getting massaged, eating sushi, drinking Starbucks, and buying beautiful cultural gifts at a night market. This wonderful friend named Cindy, aka Sugar, is a missionary here and she spent the day with us, making it even sweeter. 

It was the sort of day that makes me look up into the sky and say, 
"How could You be this nice?"
I'm astounded at the things merciful God lets me do. 

The next morning, I waved goodbye to my parents and they boarded a plane departing for America. I'm staying in Thailand until the end of November, bring glory to the Lamb of God in just any way I can. 

I love Thailand. 
I love living. 
I love Jesus.