Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beauty traveling across the globe.

Dylan was a drug addict, and a mean one.
He stole, he lied, he manipulated.
By the time he was 17, he had spent a fair amount of time in jail and rehab. Jail and rehab didn't help him, and he was as mean and addicted when he came out of them as he was when he went in.
He was 17 and high as a kite when I met him.
I told him about Jesus, and he didn't really believe in anything I told him, but agreed to come to church with me.
After a few weeks of coming to church and being interested in this Jesus, this Jesus touched Dylan's cold, concrete heart.
He softened it, warmed it, and poured His Love into it.
Dylan cried for the first time in a long time on September 25, 2011, when his heart heard the Son of God call him "son."
Today Dylan is 19, and one of the most remarkable young men I've ever known. The mean addict is gone, and in his place is a kind, gentle, loving man of God. 

Yesterday I went to a Christian drug rehab in Burma.
I told them about my friend Dylan who was an addict, and today has no addictions because of Jesus' freeing ways.
The men in his rehab have met Jesus and are walking with Him now.
They love Him, and their worship to Him was one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard. 

The men meet for rehab everyday in the same church building that we met in yesterday. It's a concrete building with no air conditioning,  no fans, no air flow. It felt like we were having church in a sauna, and that's no joke. 
After sweating fountains of sweat for a few hours, I started thinking about fans and this church's lack of them. I've sat in a lot of hot churches in Southeast Asia, but most of them have fans and it makes it bearable.
I asked some questions and found out that 6 fans along the walls, hung up towards the ceiling, would create a lot of airflow and  really cool the place off, but the pastor running the rehab couldn't afford them. 
I immediately thought of a good chunk of money that Dylan had given me for my trip, about half of which I had been saving to spend in the right place.
I knew that God wanted Dylan to buy this rehab 6 new fans, so I gave the money to the pastor and told him that it was from my friend who used to be an addict. 
The pastor said that he had decided he wasn't going to ask anyone for money for fans, but instead was asking God to lay it on someone's heart.
I told him that God saved a drug addict in America and that man is now buying fans for a Burmese rehab. 

If you think Jesus does beautiful things, 
you couldn't be more right.

Concrete hearts become soft like pillows
The meanest men of all weep like willows