Friday, August 30, 2013

Go ahead and pray

Pray for people who are changing the world and you start changing the world with them.

Pray for
1. Raja and Mordecai's House
Raja is a wonderful Indian man who has taken in about 40 girls off the streets of india and given them a home, "Mordecai's House." Pray that the God of Genesis 22:14, "The Lord who provides," will provide for all of the needs of Raja, his family, and the girls of Mordecai's House.
+that they all pursue Jesus with pure hearts, all the days of their lives 
+the girls to be protected from all the devils scheming 
+the girls to never have to be in lack of any good thing
+Prisca, a beautiful little girl, to know Jesus intimately and follow Him all the days of her life 

2. Christ Fellowship Ministries 
Pastor Joseph is a humble Indian man who runs this ministy in southern India that includes an orphanage with 73 children, a widow's home with about 20 elderly widows, several churches in different villages, weekly prayer meetings and Gospel meetings, and over 20 pastors. 
+that God will use CFM to help the Gospel spread rapidly throughout all of India. 
Philippians 4:19 "and my God shall fulfill all of Chrisr Fellowship Ministry's needs according to His riches in glory in Chrisr Jesus."
+for the millions of unreached people in India to hear and accept the message of the Cross
+boldness in Indian Christians to stand up against the caste system 
+Maria, one of the girls in the orphanage, to not be scared of nursing school or her future, but to boldly and fearlessly follow Jesus into His call for her life
+the godly dreams in Joseph and his wife's hearts to be fulfilled
+Mephibosheth, a very kind young man who helps at the orphanage and is unable to walk, will be healed by the God who heals

3. Life Impact International 
God hates slavery, darkness, abuse, and lies, so He raises up His children to fight against these things. Life Impact international is a ministry based in Thailand that is fighting hell with the Love of Jesus Christ. Children who have been sold, forgotten, orphaned or abandoned are rescued by Life Impact and given a new home full of love, acceptance, provision, and Jesus.
+that God's goodness in Life Impact be noticed by people all over the world and that when they see His goodness in Life Impact they will repent (Romans 2:4) 
+that God will continually share His wisdom with Lana, the ministry's founder, as she makes decisions that change lives
+that all of the rescued children will be protected by God's hand and will live lives that will make God's Kingdom grow
+that the Gospel will spread quickly throughout Thailand, and that people realize, through the power of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus Christ is the one true God and He loves

Please pray.