Friday, June 21, 2013

man of steel.

I spend a lot of my time with people who have spent a lot of their time making terrible decisions. 

It seems there a few things many drug-addicts, easy girls, and partiers have in common. One of their shared characteristics is often the lack of a loving dad. Not having a loving dad can really mess a person up, and I've seen it firsthand over and over. 

God set the family up with the father being the foundation of the family--the provider, the leader, the protector, and the pace-setter for the rest of the family. So, when the father doesn't carry out his God-given roles the way God intended, sometimes things within the family go wrong. 

I know a lot of wonderful people who have made wonderful life decisions without the love of a father, and I know some people who have made awful life decisions despite having the love of a father. It's not a "this is always how it is" thing, just a "seems to be like that a lot" thing.

I adore my dad. 
When I talk to young ladies who have no sense of self-worth primarily because they never had a dad to love them, I just can't relate. 
He is upright, honorable, hard-working, creative, brave, compassionate, athletic, generous. 
When I say I've never met a man like him, I'm telling the truth. 
The more I'm around people who've lacked a loving father and are now dealing with the consequences of that, the more I so greatly appreciate how blessed I am to have my dad for a dad. 

For the insecure 17 year old girl, the 25 year old drug addict, the perverted 40 year old man, I wish they could have my dad for a dad. But what they can have is so much better than even my wonderful father. They can have the Father of Life as their Dad. He will (and does) faithfully fill the role of Father in anyone's life who invites Him to do so. 

Many of those friends who were former terrible decision-makers, are now wonderful decision makers, 
because they invited the Father of Life to be their Dad, and He accepted their invitation. 

Not sure how I got so overloaded with amazing father-ness, from an earthly dad and the King of Kings, but I'm so thankful that I did. 

 On Father's Day, we took the man of steel himself to go watch "The Man of Steel."
Being the daughter of Superman is a pretty great thing.