Tuesday, June 25, 2013

living like a hero.

If I can't force myself to pay for the groceries of the person in front of me at Wal-Mart, 
I probably won't ever be able to cheerfully write a $100,000 check to help end world hunger. 

All 7 billion of us are capable of being heroes. 
Heroic decisions start today, 
with leaving the waitress a generous tip, being genuinely concerned about the gas station cashier's day, calling a friend just to listen to them talk about themselves.
Heroes aren't me-me-me-me, Heroes are you-you-you-you. 
How can I make YOU feel loved?
How can I feed YOU?
How can I help YOU pursue YOUR dreams?

Mother Teresa didn't get handed a Nobel Peace Prize because she'd been working really hard on her hot body. 
She wasn't striving to be the most beautiful nun on the planet, to fulfill all of her deepest longings for a mate, 
or to become our hero. 
She was just loving Jesus and the people that He died for. 
I'd guess she thought about herself very rarely.  

When Dietrich Bonhoeffer chose to stand up and speak against Hitler, it wasn't because he was hoping to live a long life. 
It was because he knew what was right, what was wrong, and cared more about seeing the right stood up for than he did about his own life. 

When Billy Graham decided to devote his entire life to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it wasn't because it was going to make him rich. 
It was because he knew the Gospel of Jesus Christ was the most important message he could ever tell.

When David Livingstone chose to live a lonely life in unexplored regions of Africa, it wasn't because it was going to be warm and cozy. It was because he knew his Creator passionately wanted to be known by the tribes of South Africa. 

When Elizabeth Elliot moved in with the violent jungle tribe that murdered her husband, she wasn't thinking about how she felt. She was thinking about God's sons and daughters who had no idea who God was.

You have heroism inside of you and 
God wants to pull it out. 
Being a hero doesn't feel epic and glamorous. If we asked any of these people what being a hero feels like, I think they'd answer something like,
"It feels like you're dying to everything you want."

Living like a hero is living like Jesus.
Forgetting about the "me" in life and loving the people around me like crazy.

Being a hero starts today.