Friday, June 7, 2013

a love as pure as that.

"I knew everyone by the shape of their feet, because I was always looking down."
-Bethany Walker

Condemning is something Jesus doesn't know how to do. 
There's not even a trace of condemnation in His Words to you and me. 

A lot of people live their lives beat down. 
The feelings of 
"You're not cute enough/tall enough/strong enough/nice enough/pretty enough/talented enough/good enough/smart enough,"
begin at a young age, 
and continue on with a lot of folks for the rest of their lives. 

The way Jesus talks to people is sooooo different than the way we talk to people. 
Read the first story of John 8 and see how Jesus handles a dirty sinner. 
You won't find a hint of condemnation in the part of the story where Jesus comes in. 
The part of the story where the church folks were involved, there's a load of condemnation. But not with Jesus. 

He loved that sinner right out of her sin. 
A love as pure as that is the love I want to rule my heart.

Jesus doesn't scrunch up His nose at us and say, 
"Aggghhh. Can't you get it right? Just for one day?"
He gets down beside us and says
 "You can do it. Go farther, push harder. I'm here and you can do it."