Friday, May 10, 2013

extra extra extra.

I have too much. 
Chances are, so do you.

Yesterday afternoon was spent cleaning out my mom and I's shop.
"The Shop" is a place that mom and I have
sewn/created things/upholstered furniture, and it has become a big, hoarding, nasty mess.

There are thrift shops all over the USA overflowing with items that were donated by people like us, people with so much stuff they had to give some away. 
Not only do most of us have extra material possessions, we also have extra food, extra hobbies, extra churches.
Look around your block and you'll probably notice that there is "extra" everywhere you look. 
(above and beyond what is necessary)
This a real problem considering that over 900 million people in the world don't have enough food to eat. 

Most of us have extra access to food and most of us have extra access to the Gospel. 
There are more empty hearts in the world than there are empty stomachs. While we get to pick which church on our block we want to attend, there are 2.8 billion people in the world who are unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

My brother wrote a book about sharing Jesus, and chapter 2 is entitled, "Big Fat Christians." In it, he talks about how much Christians are getting spiritually fed in church, but how little they're spiritually giving away outside of church. 
"It is my contention that many Christians today are becoming spiritually gluttonous. They are taking in as much spirituality as possible, but giving away little or none at all," he says, then goes on to encourage Christians to talk to people about Jesus, giving to others the love they have received from Him. 

Eugene Stock addresses the same sort of issue, but in regards to geography and missions. He points out that the Christians are deciding to stay right where they're at, where Jesus is already known, instead of taking him to places where He isn't known. 
"Let us for a moment imagine what would have happened on the Galilean hillside, when our Lord fed the five thousand, if the Apostles had acted as some act now. The twelve would be going backwards, helping the fist rank over and over again, and leaving the back rows unsupplied. Let us suppose one of them, say Andrew, venturing to say to his brother Simon Peter, 'Ought we all to be feeding the front row? Ought we not to divide, and some of us go to the back rows?' Then suppose Peter replying, 'Oh no; don't you see these front people are so hungry? They have not had half enough yet; besides, they are nearest to us, so we are more responsible for them.' Then, if Andrew resumes his appeal, suppose Peter going on to say, 'Very well; you are quite right. You go and feed all those back rows; but I can't spare anyone else. I and the other ten of us have more than we can do here.'

Across the board, from our spiritual food to our t-shirt collections, we have extra.
Since we have extra, extra, extra, know what we need to to?
Share, share, share. 
Jesus spends his days sharing.
I want to do the same.  

"How many more cars, clothes, toys, & trinkets do we really need before we wake up & realize that half the world goes to bed hungry every night with empty stomachs and naked bodies?"
-K.P. Yohannan