Monday, April 22, 2013

a question found in the place deep down

"Am I pretty?"

"Am I brave?"

"Do people like me?"

"Am I strong?"

"Am I cool?"

"Is it fun to be around me?"

We wonder things about ourselves. 
We want the answer to all of the above (and so many more) questions to be "Yes."

All of these questions, and their countless accompaniments, come from one bigger question that is the root causing all these others to spring up. 
"Do I matter?"

If the answer to "Do I matter?" is "yes," then I can deal with the answer to all of the other questions being "no."
It's ok if I'm not pretty, as long as I matter.
It's ok if I'm not brave, as long as I matter.
It's ok if I'm not any of the things that typically make a person matter, if I still really do matter. 

Good news to each individual living on planet earth; 
you matter. 

From the small man living in a house built out of trash in northern Thailand, to the elderly woman living without visitors in a nursing home in the USA, 
human beings matter. 

Not because I think so, or a celebrity thinks so, or their sister thinks so, or a dog thinks so, 
but because the creative Creator who breathed them into life thinks so. 

Most of us aren't super models, won't play in the NBA, won't win a Nobel Peace Prize.
Our worth must come from a place different than what we look like, what we accomplish, and the value that our fellow human beings say we have. 
Our worth comes from being a detailed, complex being that was very thoughtfully crafted by a very thoughtful God. 

If we're hideous to look at, uncomfortable to talk to, and accomplish nothing worth mentioning in our lifetimes, 
we still matter.