Sunday, March 10, 2013

a Saturday from Heaven.

i like living. 
i'm surrounded by human beings that i'm in love with, 
beauty that God paints across the sky, plants in the ground, and brings out of people, food that i love eating, 
and places that i love being. 
yesterday was a saturday that God yelled from Heaven, 
"See! I love you!"

A synopsis in list form goes like this:
-- slept till 9 a.m. in my sister's cottage and my sister woke me up (as she ate cake batter out of the bowl)
-- fancy coffee stop with my fancy dad
-- thrift store shopping (complete with combat boots and tie dye
tank top)
-- chicken shopping (and buying) at a farm store
-- long walk to the creek
-- rock skipping
-- delicious bbq and rolls sort of lunch
-- running around the yard like a wild man with my nephew (barefoot)
-- family golf lesson at the driving range (our first)

i want an honest daily sentence of my life to be this:
today's my favorite day that i've ever been alive,
until tomorrow. 
p.s. if you live near Norris City, IL and have a child, come let my mom take pictures of your kids with some Easter flare this Saturday. 
my nephew picked out some real cute chicks.