Friday, February 22, 2013

spirit and water.

when a person becomes a Christian, they get a new spirit. 
Their old spirit was a rotten one, born into sin, and no matter how "good" the person was, they had a natural tendency to be selfish and sin. 

When they decide to follow Jesus and invite God's spirit to come live inside of them, God answers. 
His spirit comes and replaces the rotten sin spirit and they become, what the Bible calls, a "new creation."

Shwoowee! that's good news, folks!
So after a person gets all new and clean on the inside, they want to identify on the outside with what God has done on the inside, so they get water baptized. They choose to publicly announce that they are now forever linked to Jesus and will walk in His clean and beautiful ways. 

I'm not a pastor and had never baptized anyone, 
until today.  
Sweet Nicole, who is a pretty new friend, decided 5 months ago that she wanted to follow Jesus. 
She asked if I would baptize her, and I gave her a very honored "yes."

She's washed by spirit, and she's washed by water.