Sunday, January 27, 2013


there are so many it can get overwhelming. 
I'm not talking about coffee options at Starbucks, but life options of what sort of life you choose to live.
I've been around a whole lot of people who are choosing a whole lot of different options. 
Some people are choosing to live life based entirely on feeling. "What makes me feel good, what makes me feel happy, what makes me feel alive?" And choosing whatever that "what" is. If they feel good, happy, and alive by getting drunk everyday, then they get drunk everyday. If they feel good, happy, and alive by perversion, then they watch porn, sleep around, and feed their sexual appetite. Anything that feels good is given the throne to rule their life. 
Other folks are choosing to live life based on self-promotion. This is related to the feeling lifestyle, but not exactly the same. Maybe it doesn't feel that hot to work 14 hours a day, but if it's gonna make them richer, more known, and more powerful, then they'll do it for 40 years. Maybe working out 4 hours a day isn't that great of a feeling, but if it's gonna make their body look better than the next guy's, then they'll do it. 
Another choice of life is living for your family. Lots of people make choices based entirely on how they can better help their children, better take care of their parents, better please their spouse. Their identity is wrapped up in the well-being of their loved ones. 
Obviously I could go on about different lifestyle choices people are making for a lot longer than you have time to read. 

I've been friends with easy girls, I've been friends with drug addicts, I've been friends with workaholics, I've been friends with family fanatics.
I've seen so many options chosen, it's made me spend a lot of time and thought considering what the best option is. 
Which of these is what I want my life to be like?
The decision I've reached is that Jesus is the best option. 
The deepest part of me can't be reached by the feeling of high that a drug can provide, it can't be touched by the confidence that a hot body or large bank account can give me, and can't be affected by knowing I have a loving family that I'm doing everything I can for. 
The deepest part of me can only be reached by One, because He's the only One who knows how to get there. 
When He lives in the deepest part of me (and He does), He brings with Him handfuls of joy, peace, patience, love, purpose, satisfaction, confidence, wisdom, & quite literally everything else that I'll need for my few days left on the earth. 
So many options, but only 1 that deserves to be chosen.