Saturday, January 12, 2013

calluses on His hands.

hands win the prize of my favorite part of the human body. 
my dad wins the prize of having my favorite set of hands. 

he's worked outside doing physical labor since he was 12 years old, and his hands are proof. 
they're tough, rough, and callused. 

I have a few tiny calluses on my hands, but nothing that would convince anyone that I've been doing physical labor all my life. (because I haven't)

God has a Son who left a perfect Heavenly "God" sort of body and entered a non-perfect human sort of body. 
Then, that Son said "bye" to His Dad, "bye" to Heaven, and came made a life on the earth. 
The life He made on earth was a hard one. 
He worked as a carpenter doing physical labor. 
Now, being familiar with physical labor hands, I know what they typically look like. 
I've got a pretty good guess that God's Son had the same sort of hands that my dad has;
tough, rough, and callused. 

The story of God's Son continues, and you probably know how it goes. At 30 years old, He went from being a hard-working carpenter to walking in the supernatural power of Heaven, and started preaching, healing people, and 
changing lives everywhere He went. 
People got mad and killed Him, 
but being God's Son, He had a hand-up on death. 

Now, I'm praying to this Son on a regular basis and He loves being my friend. 
Sometimes when I'm talking to Him, 
I like to think about His callused hands.