Tuesday, December 18, 2012

learn how to use it, man.


  1. The power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience: "he had absolute authority over his subordinates".
  2. The right to act in a specified way, delegated from one person or organization to another.

I've got some good news.
God has given His children authority over sin, defeat, sickness, and all of Hell.
It's our job to know our authority, and to learn how to use it. 
You ever had a school teacher that the students walked all over? It's aggravating because the teacher holds the authority to control the class, but doesn't know how to use it. 
Ever had a teacher who could speak one word and line the whole class up in a flash?
That sort of teacher knows how to use their authority in the classroom. 

We're dealing with a lot more than ornery kids in a class. 
We're dealing with the evil of Hell that's running loose all around us. 

How important is it that we know the authority of our Creator God and the authority that He has so generously shared with us?

Real important. 
Learn Scriptures that apply to people you're praying for, then speak those Scriptures out loud. Read the Bible and learn about the One God who is Boss. Pray for situations that need to be prayed for. Give your time, give your energy, give your money. Love people who are hard to love. 
These are all some practical ways to use your God-given authority today. 

Matthew 8:5-13 is an excellent depiction of a guy understanding authority, and Jesus being impressed. Read it and ask God to make you like that guy. 

And don't forget that God is the Creator, 
not the devil. 
The devil's not an equal match to God, he's doesn't create, he was creatED. 
God's the One who wins. 

Last night I sat in my basement with 5 friends and we talked about how to use the authority God's given us. We also played music & ate sugar cookies.