Saturday, December 22, 2012

it's not about me.

it's so terribly easy to think about myself. 

if one isn't careful, they will spend the majority of their days soaking in what they want, need, like, enjoy, crave,
 & blah blah blah & on & on. 

know how I want to spend my days?
soaking in what Jesus wants, needs, likes, enjoys, craves. 

When I do that, I start caring a whole lot about other people & how I can help them. 
It seems as if most of what Jesus is concerned about is human beings. Oh, I want to be like that!

a few months ago in northern Thailand, I snapped some pictures of humans beings that God really likes. 
I periodically look at the pictures to remind myself that there's a lot happening in the world besides what's occurring in my own life. 
life is not about me.