Monday, December 3, 2012

a homemade Christmas tree.

most things are better homemade. 

---Bread, dresses, cards, quilts, pies---

And you know what else belongs on that list?
Christmas trees.  

I recently built my 2nd wooden Christmas tree.
My first one was overly big, tricky to move, and a little bit falling apart. He's now resting in peace. 
So I constructed a smaller, easy to move, not-gonna-fall-apart wooden Christmas tree. 

Some old wood piled up by the barn, my dad's nail gun, and 
i had myself a homemade beauty. 
homemade trees are best complemented by a pile of books at the base, your great grandma's ornaments tied on by lace, and some white lights. 
got myself a dad who is real good at running a nail gun, and real willing to teach me.