Friday, November 2, 2012

how He runs His Kingdom.

A common theme in Jesus' teachings was the strength of the weak, the wealth of the poor, the significance of the forgotten. 
(Matt. 5:3-12, Matt. 8:2, Mark 9:35-37, Luke 1:52-53, Luke 21:1-4) 
Running a Kingdom that works so differently from ours', He spent  time on earth trying to get across the point that He loves the unloved and has a home for the castoffs. I've always thought that was great and all, but it didn't matter much to me because I'm loved and have a home. However, watching orphaned children in India live their lives, I began to understand that for them, Jesus' assurances of a Kingdom different than this world means everything for them. His promises of love, homes, strength, significance, these promises were designed for the orphan. 

These promises were designed for me, too.
I never want to get so comfortable on the earth that I forget the promises of a King running a different Kingdom.