Tuesday, November 27, 2012

hey josiah.

how'd you get so brave, man?

Josiah's dad was a rough guy. 
He was what the Bible calls "evil." ugh. 
His dad's dad was evil, too. 
Josiah came from a royal family, and the evil man who raised him was the King of Judah. 
He died, so Josiah became King when he was 8. 

His dad didn't teach him about loving God, because his dad didn't love God. 
Rather, he loved a lot of other gods and worshipped idols. 
But, when Josiah was 16, he started understanding that there's only ONE God and he decided he wanted to love that God alone. 

So that's what he did. 
He broke the family tradition of evil idol worship and started serving the God of Heaven and the God of Heaven alone. 

When he was 26, he hired some men to repair the Temple. It was probably looking shabby since no one had been going there to worship for quite some time. 
While the men were working on the Temple, they found a scroll of God's Laws. (aka, a small excerpt from the Bible)

When Josiah read it, he was sad and repented because he realized he hadn't been living like God's Laws said to live. 
So he changed. 

In 2 Kings 23, Josiah starts going to drastic measures to create holiness in Judah. 
There was a ton of idol worship going on, so he started destroying the idols. 
"Josiah also got rid of the mediums and psychics, the household gods, the idols, and every other kind of detestable practice, both in Jerusalem and throughout the land of Judah. He did this in obedience to the laws written in the scroll that Hilkiah the priest had found in the LORD's Temple." -2 Kings 23:24

 I doubt these extreme actions of destroying people's gods won Josiah any friends. 
But he obviously didn't mind. 
He was after one thing and only one thing;
loving his God. 

Josiah lived very differently than any man in his family had ever lived, he had a relationship with the true God, he got rid of all the idols throughout his country, and he certainly wasn't lacking as far as courage goes. 

He had guts. 
Not just guts, but guts to do what God wanted.

learning about Josiah with friends in the basement