Tuesday, October 9, 2012

important words on a farm.

Six years ago I made a friend who was recovering from some serious drug addiction. 
He said something like this, "I just wish there was some place where I could hangout with Christians and learn about the Lord."

I thought to myself,
"I can probably come up with a place just like that." 
At the time, I was living with my folks on their farm. 
They didn't mind if I had some friends over once a week, 
so I did,
and we dubbed it, 
"Bible Study."

This friend came to Bible Study for a year and half on the farm, along with many other friends. 
(he also fully recovered from drug addiction)
We all read the Bible together and talked about Jesus. 

I'd whip up an easy dessert, make some lemonade, and we'd have some refreshments before and/or afterwards. 

After a happy year and a half, I moved to Kentucky for 2 years. 
Bible Study was such a downright success that instead of stopping, it moved to a friend's house and grew stronger. 

I'd come back and visit, and always be encouraged that when people get together under the name of Jesus, 
He makes sure it goes well. 
He changes lives, helps people, and makes people happy. 
These sort of things were happening at Bible Study. 

I moved back from Kentucky and into a cute little rent house. 
Bible Study moved there, and we all crammed into that home every Monday night, still eating sweets and drinking lemonade. 
I lived in that rent house for 2 years, and a few weeks ago I moved back in with my parents, back to the farm. 

Last night, for the first time in about 4 years, 

we had Bible Study on the farm, at the place where it started. 
in traditional Bible Study fashion, it was full of hugs, good conversation, friends praying for each other, learning about who Jesus is and what He wants, brownies, blueberry muffins, and lemonade. 

Over the 6 years that Bible Study's been going, there've been a wide variety of people come and go. 
the point of Bible Study isn't to get an attender who will last years, but to get someone to come for the night and bless them with the Love of Jesus. 
So, whether they come for 2 weeks or 2 years, we're happy they're with us.