Tuesday, October 23, 2012

garage sale and priorities.

 a good number of things that I own came from a garage sale. 
that means i have a lot of un-expensive treasures that piled up in a hurry. 
moving back in with my parents has been a huge crammed conglomeration of all of their old treasures and all of my old treasures. there isn't space or necessity for all of our stuff, 
so we're downsizing. 

we had a big ole garage sale last weekend at my aunt Darla's.
yes, indeed, we did some decorating so it looked more like a garage sale gone over-the-top.
we sold a lot, and what we didn't sell we dumped off at a thrift store. 

after living with orphans who own 1 pair of underwear, no pajamas, sleep on concrete floors, and share a small bedroom with 20 other kids, my ideas of what I need have changed drastically.
About 1/2 way through my 6 weeks in India, on July 17th, I wrote the following in my journal:
"We throw the word "need" around so carelessly. Really, many of us living in our extreme comfort know very little of "need." The only real need that most of us have is one that we can't see, the need to realize we already have more than we need."

Things that were so important to me, 
now aren't important at all. 

"Your care for others is the measure of your greatness."
Luke 9:48