Tuesday, October 16, 2012


the most important thing you can do during a day is spend time with your Maker. 
when I spend time with my Maker, it looks like this:
read His Words (the Bible), talk to Him, ask Him questions, sit in silence while I think about Him and listen to Him, and ask Him to move on behalf of people I love. 

sometimes though, I don't know where to read the Bible or what needs to be prayed about. 
on those days, I play the read-the-Bible-today's-date-game. 

today is October 16. 
this morning while I drank my french press, I read Psalm 16 and Proverbs 16. 
see what I'm saying? 
You can read chapters in the Bible according to what day of the month it is. 
works out nicely for me, 
and has for years. 

you should read Proverbs 16. 
it's got quite a collection of interesting things written in it, all of which are good for the deepest part of you--your spirit. 
friend in Thailand bought this for me at Starbucks in the hospital I was in

last night's basement-full-of-friends Bible Study