Sunday, September 16, 2012

what exactly happened to me.

in case you're a little curious about how i ended up in a Thailand ICU, let me tell you all that i can remember to fill you in. (my memory is a bit fuzzy after the brain injuries)

people get around thailand via motorcycles. 

since i was going to be there for several weeks, me and the missionaries who were hosting me decided it'd be a good idea for me to learn how to drive a motorcycle so i could get myself around the country. 

they gave me lessons. i don't remember anything about it, but what people have told me is that i was driving one solo when i very violently crashed my head into a pole. it knocked me out for 5 days, where i was taken care of in Bangkok ICU. 

my right eye was purple and swollen shut, my lips were large and crusty,  one tooth went through my bottom lip so they stitched it up, i had multiple fractures in my skull, primarily on the right side of my nose and my right eye socket, i had a feeding tube, breathing tube, and catheter. 

my pastor was getting ready to fly out of the country when this happened, so he changed his plans and drove to me. he stayed with me for days, reading scriptures over me and praying for me. i don't remember it because i was asleep, but i'm convinced no one in the world would have taken better care of me for those first rough days. 

know what else? after my parents heard about this collision, they bought some plane tickets to thailand and came over and took care of me for 2 weeks. 

after the 5th day i woke up. 
i was mean, grumpy, confused, and did not want to be in a thai hospital. i stayed in ICU for something around 12 days, and boy was i glad to get out of there. i had a normal room for a few days where my parents and i watched movies and longed for america. 

the hospital was really good to me. the nurses and doctors took awesome care of me, and forgave me when i treated them like a jerk. 

the kind doctors said i was recovering nicely and it would be ok if we came home. 
so we did. 

now i'm staying at my folks where they're taking excellent care of me. my grandma bakes me pies, other friends bring me cookies, my other grandma brought lunch meat and cottage cheese, and my friend teresa brought flowers and naked juice. 

my sisters, brother, and nephew picked us up from the airport and boy was it a happy reunion. 
my head still hurts like a booger. 
and sometimes  i shut down and fall asleep in the middle of the day. 
and i'm still missing 2 front teeth. 

but, but, but, 
i'm getting better. 

Jesus loves me and i'm so glad.