Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i miss you, america.

still in thailand. 

slept here for 12 days.
have no memory of my wreck or sleep recovery. 
but now i'm awake and alive and coming home in a couple days!

so excited to leave this place. 

they're taking great care of me, but i'm missing 2 teeth and have a pretty bad headache most of the day. going to go visit a kind dentist when i get back to the US.

my mom and dad flew here after my wreck and are taking excellent care of me. 

right now i'm waiting on mom and a new friend named Cindy to come back to the hotel with a movie, popcorn and coke. oh yeah. 

sometimes i get pooped out really dramatically and sleep for hours. 
but mom and dad still take great care of me, even when i'm sleepy. 

psalm 52