Friday, August 24, 2012

Fish pond//Thailand//love

"You come in?" asked the cute Thai boy in the dirty fish pond.

"How many opportunities will I have in my life to jump into a fish pond in northern Thailand with 7 adorable Thai boys?" was the question that passed through my head. 

Within 5 seconds I was canon balling into the water, 
fully clothed. 

We swam together in the Tilapia pond with the snakes and mud and had a good ole Thai time. 

Today was my first full day in Thailand and I spent it babysitting the kids in the ministry that I'm staying with, while all the adults had meetings. We played soccer, red rover, slid around on a tarp slip n slide with dish soap, and I taught them my favorite Indian game, Kabotty. (Sometime I'll devote a whole blog to describing the beauty of Kabotty. It deserves it)

I'm currently sopping wet in an air conditioned van, driving to a refugee camp. A little bit freezing cold in my fish pond jeans and tee, but excited to see this camp. It's a place where Burmese refugees live near the border.

I miss my little friends in India. But being around new little friends in Thailand helps me not be so sad. Wherever God takes me in the world, I ask Him that He lets me be around beautiful little friends. I think He says, "yes."

p.s. I lost an earring to the fish pond. It was worth it.