Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When life is hot, hard, uncomfortable, and wonderful.

Last week one of the girls in the orphanages, Sundia, asked me if I would be here this time next week.(all of this sentence was communicated through sign language since she speaks Telegu and I speak English) after I finally understood the question, I said, "yes! I will be here until August 22!" she knows English dates, so she understood that the next month I was all hers. She and the surrounding girls who heard began squeeling and saying, "thank you sista, thank you sista!" The adults arranged for me to have my own room in the orphanage, and after spending the first night alone, I decided it would be my last. Every night i invite 5 or 6 girls to stay in there with me and I sleep much better with beautiful Indian faces nearby. The children do their own laundry, wash their own dishes, walk barefoot 90% of the time, live without air conditioning in a sauna-like climate, and all with a smile on their faces and without an earthly mother or father. The smiles that remain on their faces are a direct result of knowing that they have a heavenly Father. The kids know Jesus, and are dependent on Him. We're all learning from each other. From me, theyre learning the importance of washing their hands, new America games, the love of a big white sister, and that lice are defeatable. From them, I'm learning the heart of God.