Thursday, July 5, 2012

Leslie//airports//God loves me

Sittin in an airport in new jersey, fixin to fly across the big blue sea into indiaaaaa. Know what living in God's blessing looks like? Let me tell you. It looks like getting a flight seated next to the nicest woman st. Louis ever made. Her name was Leslie and she lives in France with the Frenchman that she's getting ready to marry. We talked about Jesus and she decided she needed to read the bible more. I talked her into reading a chapter from the book I'm reading. She liked it. I prayed for her, then we parted ways after landing. Before I pulled my big carry on down the aisle, she gave me a sincere, 'thank you,' that I think had something to do with the way her heart felt when Jesus was tugging on it. Know what else it looks like? I've gotten TWO freebies in this airport. From two different people, mind you. A garlic breadstick thing from an italian woman who thought i didn't need to pay for it, and another lady was charging me 54 cents for a cup of ice, then shook her head, winked, and said, 'take it.' God loves me. I feel like saying to every passerby 'do you know why I seem so happy right now? It's because I'm smack dab in the center of Gods will and that's a thrilling place to be.'