Monday, June 11, 2012

when your whole life feels like a chore.

i'm convinced that not even the most daring and adventurous of
us are safe from the terror of boredom.

the past 3 weeks i've felt like everything between waking and sleeping was a chore. Even activities that typically delight me were looked upon as an obligation, and my joy tank was dry.
i consider myself a happy person, and if my life, which doesn't contain a 9-5, can get so dry, then what's in store for the businessman who sits in the same cubicle for 30 years?

looking down main street from my front porch, i wonder if i knocked on 10 front doors with the question,
"Are you extremely happy with the way your life is turning out?,"
how many could give me an honest 'yes' ?

this is a problem. 

when God set the planet in motion, crafted human beings and
placed them in charge, 
did He do so with the intention of watching them live miserable lives and then dying?

i refuse to believe so. 

without a doubt, i know that serving Jesus is exciting, 
and that God has a very thought-out adventure for every single one of His followers. 
(& He wants you to be one)
so, does that mean when I serve Jesus that everyday is going to be packed full of adrenaline and laughter?

there are going to be normal days with no gut-wrenching laughter or Indiana Jones adventures. 

BUT, by golly, but, if the huge Hand that paints a different sunset every single evening is the same huge Hand that is guiding me through today, then boredom doesn't really have a chance. 

no one has to teach a 3 year-old to get excited about eating a piece of cake. that glee he feels is natural, and comes to him without effort. 
i think the same thrill that children feel about Christmas can be our's in adulthood about the life ahead of us. 

sensation seeking is the tendency to seek new, exciting experiences, & "sensation seekers" are people with the personality type of frequently needing thrills. 
even for the sensation seeker, 
Jesus can fulfill.
it's what He does. (John 10:10)

as i'm coming out of my little boredom funk, 
and wondering how to avoid another one in the future, 
the conclusion i'm coming to is to stay 
as close to the Creator of excitement as possible.
if God put in me the desire for thrill,
then surely He means to take care of it. 

"The lame will leap like deer, 
and the mute tongue will shout for joy...
Gladness and joy will overtake them, 
and sorrow and sighing will flee away."
-Isaiah 35:6 &10