Sunday, June 10, 2012

wedding and fun.

My two very great friends got hitched to each other yesterday, and I got to be in on the excitement. 

I've had a lot of 1st time experiences during the festivities. 
First manicure (with PINK tips!), first time to have my face painted by a makeup artist (I sat down and said, "do whatever you want"), and first time to have my wrists bracelets-free in years. 

it was all good for my inner lady.
the bride, sage, is so good at being a woman, and was stunning, calm, and sweet on her wedding day. 

Sage and her groom, Caleb, are dedicated to God. 
Since God is the Inventor of romance, 
the whole day was filled with love
and romance was thick.

I danced so much at the reception that I got sore feet and b.o.
Both great signs of a successful reception.