Saturday, June 16, 2012

refusing to die.

last winter my Grandma Darlene gave me a fern.
she didn't want the hassle of taking care of it during the cold months, and was going to throw it away, so i rescued it. 
all winter, i watered it and swept up its messy sheddings.

now might be a good time to tell you that i've longed for a big, beautiful fern to hang from my front porch since moving into my house.
so, all winter as i looked at my un-beautiful, shedding plant, i just pictured how lovely it would be come summer.

springtime came, and i got over eager for my fern to make its grand entrance into porch society, so on a warm day in april, i hung him on his perch. 

all was well until a cold spell, 
and my oblivion to the shock that my fern was going through.
after a week, i suddenly noticed he was dead. 
brown, lifeless, dead.

of course, i was irritated with myself and with the whole situation.
but i left him there,
and kept watering him.
people who came over commented on the dead fern hanging on my porch, and told me to give it up.
i almost did once, but right before dismissing him into the trash, i thought,
"ah, what the heck. i'm going to give him a little bit longer just in case."

so my roommate and i continued to pour large amounts of water on him every day.
and you know what?
after several weeks, parts of him started to turn green.

now, a few months later, he is very green, and, well, 
quite un-dead.
he's my miracle fern.

he just needed someone to believe in him. 
he's not quite the big, beautiful fern that i had pictured, yet.
but he's well on his way.

that's how it goes with humans, too. 
sometimes they're about to be given up on because of their lack of life, lack of progress, lack of hope.
and sometimes all they need is someone to keep believing in them.