Friday, June 1, 2012

make some friends that are 65+

Edith Neal.

She lives in the Alzheimer's Unit of the of the local 
nursing home.

At all times, night or day, she will play "Rock of Ages" upon request on her harmonica. 
She keeps it in her sock, and pulls it out when asked. 

Before moving to the nursing home, she lived in a mobile home in the woods, with about 30 cats and about 15 dogs. 
The conditions were, nicely put, unsanitary.
Someone took note and she had to move.

Now she waits for passersby to pay her mind so she can tell them one of the stories that have taken refuge in her memory.
Most go back to her early 20's, at a time when she was surrounded by U.S. Marines, the beach, and was always, as she puts it,
"the prettiest girl in town."