Wednesday, May 2, 2012

going to the Place where love comes from.

Loving people is really hard.

God put us on a planet with a bunch of other creatures like us, all with our own attitudes, ideas, problems, and messes. 

Granted, there are some days when you see people through a cheery and bright pair of rose-colored glasses, 
but there are other days when you see people through a grumpy and judgmental pair of black-colored glasses. 

For times when you feel like every person around you is
 well-trained in hurting, annoying, mis-using, and lying to you, 
how on earth are you supposed to obey the 2nd greatest commandment,
"To love your neighbor as yourself?"

In my experiences of hating and loving, 
the best and only solution I've ever found that enables me to do the latter is to go the Place where love comes from. 

God is Love, that's what 1 John 4:8 tells us, so that means for every love-lack that I have in my life, He is what I'm missing.

Patience with every human being I see during a day, 
Grace for every time I'm lied to during a week,
Strength for difficult conversations,
Joy for bitter friends,
the One who is called Love has it all in His big, sharing Hands.

I have to go to Him every day.
Without allowing Him to supply my love, I run short real fast, 
and then find myself pretending to be nice but really being quite mean and terrible in my heart.

Meeting with Him through reading His Truth, being quite before Him, and speaking to Him my needs,
 allows Him to provide as much love as I'll let Him.

The more you're around the Source of love, the more love you have in  your life.

And His well of love doesn't run dry.