Tuesday, May 1, 2012

florida comes to visit.

I saw her through the screen door, 
standing on my back step.
She was pretty and smiling and I hugged her really big. 

 Last summer I worked at a very great place called 
Camp Beechpoint in Michigan.
Inner-city kids from mostly Chicago and Detroit come there and learn about Jesus, paddle boats,
 singing loudly, poison ivy, and zip lines. 

I made a lifelong friend, and her name is Alison. 
We worked together and hung out with those kids.

She's here right now, in my mom's kitchen, talking about 
50mm cameras and film photography.
She's on her way from Florida (her home) back to
 Michigan (to summer camp), 
and stopped in Illinois (with me).

We've spent the day adventuring around and eating good food.

I like reunions.

 p.s. things for India are coming along nicely.
God's sending money and faith.