Saturday, April 21, 2012

Genesis 22--you should read it.

In Genesis 22:2, God said something like this to Abraham,

"Take your son--yes, your only son, the one you love so much--and go to the mountain that I'll show you. There on the mountain you're going to kill him, as a sacrifice to me."

and you know what Abraham said? 
He said, 

What sort of God commands a guy to murder his only son?

The kind of God who wants to be the center of our existence, with nothing in between us.

After they got to the mountain, only moments before Abraham kills his kid, God stopped him.

God brought a ram for him to kill instead, and was super happy with the way Abraham obeyed God, even if it was something that seemed terrible and heart breaking.

God wasn't interested in murdering Abraham's joy in life, He was interested in seeing where Abraham's faith stood,
and to what measure he'd go for his Maker. 

This is the same God I serve, and He still asks hard things of His children.

Not to punish us or make us miserable, 
but to make our Love bigger. 

He asked Abraham for his treasure, 
and He's asking you for your's.