Monday, March 26, 2012

loving people and baking cakes.

 March has been hosting a lot of celebrations,
which, of course, has meant a lot of cake baking. 
Yesterday was my friend Dylan's 6 month anniversary of walking with Jesus. 
We ate chocolate cake, played pitch and catch, hunted for 4-leaf clovers, and prayed. 

Mid-month was my roommate's birthday. 
Not sure if you've ever tried to bake a cake without the person you live with finding out, 
but it's pretty tricky unless you're very sneaky.
Like me.
We went to a friend-down-the-road's house to bake.
While we baked, the friend read us the first story that her 5-yeard old had ever written. 
It was good.

 My girl Kelsey was my cake-baking companion, and she's sort of obsessed with the smell of vanilla.

 Kelsey got hungry during the cake baking so we went back to the birthday-girl-roommate's, and got ramen noodles for lunch. 
Birthday-girl roommate thought we were going back to work to eat it, but in fact, we were going back to finish cake-icing.
These are our sneaky Ramen-eating faces.
In the end, our sneaking proved worthwhile and the birthday girl got a surprise homemade cake.

You should bake someone a cake sometime. 
They'd like it.