Saturday, February 25, 2012

"where your heart is, there your feet will go."

 I read that on a church sign today.

sometimes God puts things inside of people's hearts, and then those things move us.
sometimes literally. 

Katie Lynn Temple is a good example of this thing that God sometimes does. 

He put a combination of different things in her heart over the past couple of months, 
and then he moved her to a tiny little town in southern Illinois into a tiny little house.
A very special house where I also happen to live.

That's right. 
God gave me a roommate.
 She's not like most people.
Her life exists for the soul purpose of pleasing Jesus.
She spends her days praying, worshiping, serving, helping teenagers get closer to God, 
and being really nice to me. 
She's a full-time pleaser of God.
we play music together, drink tea together, pray for India together, laugh together, and
 anything-else-that-God-brings-our-way together.
(like paint at our church together) 
 we're pretty unsure of what exactly this new living situation entails, but we're absolutely sure that God is doing cool stuff in our lives.