Saturday, February 11, 2012

head lice. (is cool)

You see my head in the above photograph?
It's very quite close to some other beautiful heads. 

I like to get close.

You know who else likes to get close?
Head lice.
They are so friendly. 

Due to many encounters like the one you see above, 
I came home with a head full of tiny souvenirs. 

During the 2 hours that I sat at my friend Teresa's house getting the critters picked out of my hair, I thought about how many people I have in my life who would have been fine with picking lice out of my hair because they love me. 

Then I thought about how unfair it is that I have all those people to help me get rid of the parasites on my head, while the 96 kids living in the orphanage don't have the chance to get rid of the parasites living on their heads.

Jesus is going to change that.