Wednesday, February 29, 2012

24 oceans, 24 skies

I'm 24 now. 
Birthday celebrations were spent with my family.
Went to the local mall and jumped up and down on one of those bungie cord trampoline things, ate great seafood, and felt loved. 

Tina Marie contributed more than her fair share to the 
make-abbie-feel-special category. 
She bought me a really beautiful gypsy hat, fed me a delicious wrap, fro-yo, an old Goodwill dress (or nightgown) and treated me like a queen.
Thanks, Tina.

my bubblegum buddy Richie sent some delicious bubblegum my way. 
Thanks Richie.

Jessica Lynn, as always, shipped me a great surprise.
The opening was filmed so you could enjoy it, too.