Tuesday, January 3, 2012


this journey of serving Jesus is not dull.
Sometimes I start to get stressed about how my life isn't like anyone else's, and not what people would call successful.

Then the Savior God reminds me that He hasn't called His children to normalcy, and that success in His eyes is when a person loves Him, and loves people.
that's it. 
(Mark 12:30-31)

in 2011, He let me go to India and love orphans, widows and preach the Gospel.
He let me go to Sicily with a wonderful friend to minister to women.
He let me move to Michigan to hang out with inner-city girls for 3 months. 
He let me remain in my hometown, where I hang out with Him a lot, and with my own eyes have watched pill-popping teenagers leave their pills and pick up their cross. 

I love the life inside of Him. 

In Him, there is no anxiety, no boredom, no hurt, no filth. 

Jesus, take over 2012.