Wednesday, December 14, 2011

red lips, happy hearts

4 hours here, 4 hours back. 
she did it because she likes me.

I call her Lynndon, like the president, but her name is Jessica. 
We've been very great friends for 6 years and we're just really compatible. 
like soul mates sort of. 

She journeyed to my home on Sunday, and left Tuesday morning.
"It's like food to my soul,"
she said, describing our short but sweet visits. 
I agree with her.

She's a nurse and a grad student at UK, 
and works in the trauma ICU.
If you don't know what that means to me,
it means that she has some of the best stories
of anyone I know.
Listening to her talk is better than watching a movie.

p.s. we spent one whole day filming an application video for the amazing race. I'll let you know if we get on. 
(we probably will)