Saturday, December 17, 2011

I love you, Charlie.

If I met Charlie Brown, 
I'd throw my arms around him, 
kiss him on the cheek, 
tell him I like his yellow shirt, 
and thank him for all of the wonderful Christmas memories
he helped me create. 
 The 2011 version of "The Charlie Brown Christmas Party"
was maybe my favorite version yet.
It was a reunion, and I got to be with some of my favorite friends.
Katie just got back to the U.S. this week, and I hadn't seen her in 6 months. 
Tina is back from Alabama, Caleb is on break from med school, and the list goes on. 

Charlie brought us all together.
We watched him talk about Christmas on my living room wall,
via a projector.
Our night also included a pretty tasty meal, a lively round of charades, and a bunch of catching up.

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown.