Saturday, December 24, 2011

grandma and my Christmas Eve shirt.

My Grandma Darlene goes on senior outings with my church.
On the special December outing to Patties Restaurant, she got special permission for her granddaughter to join the seniors.

We ate till we could eat no more, shopped, watched fake snow fall out of the sky, laughed with funny elderly couples, and saw a jillion decorated Christmas trees.

 The VERY best part of the day was this gal.
 Linda Kay, or Linda Rae, I can't remember which one. 
Kay I think.
She runs an antique shop in front of Patties, and from the moment I walked in and she yelled something like,
"Hey Sugar Darling," I knew we were going to hit it off.
There were TWO articles of clothing in the whole store, and one was a slightly stained polka-dot blouse. 
Linda Kay caught me looking at it and said,

"Well go ahead and take it down and look at it, sweetheart. Don't mean you gotta buy it."

So I did,
and she told me that this blouse came right out of her closet.
"I don't need it anymore. You can have it for $2."
I wanted to own something that belonged to Linda Kay,
so my Grandma bought it for me as a Patties souvenir.

Today, on this special Christmas Eve day, I'm wearing Linda Kay's slightly stained polka-dot shirt.
I think she'd be proud.