Thursday, November 3, 2011


My church has this cute little house  behind it.
It stays empty most of the time, except when guest speakers come, then they stay there.

Last weekend, a missionary from Thailand came to spend the weekend in that little house.
It turns out that she doesn't much like being alone in a strange, rural place, and wanted some company.
 A lady from the church said, 
"I know a girl who would be happy to stay with you!"

Guess who that girl was?

So I packed my overnights and showed up at the doorstep.
Then I met a new hero. 

Her name is Lana and she's lived in Thailand for the past 10 years. 
She pulls kids out of human trafficking and gives them a place to live with Jesus in the midst of light.

She comes back to the U.S. once a year to raise money for the kids and inspire Americans like me to love Jesus bigger than before.

We talked about the significance of loving one person at a time, Francis Chan (who, along with his family, stayed with her in Thailand for a month), how to help messed up people, and affordable clothes in Thailand. 
She gave me a couple really beautiful presents. 
I'll show you those later. 

If you're washing dishes or putting makeup on or lifting weights in your garage, you should listen to her testimony.
(she used to be an exotic dancer on meth in california)

If you want to make a difference in the Kingdom of God, you should pray for and/or donate to Life Impact International, the name of her ministry in Thailand.

I'm probably going to fly over there and visit her someday.
And hug some treasure kids.

Had a couple house guests last night, 
one whom is a hairdresser.
She massaged my head and I thought for a second that God had taken me up to Glory Land.