Thursday, November 10, 2011

memphis. (last weekend)

 He drives his Jesus-painted school bus into the projects.
Then he takes 3 enormous tarps, and empties a bus load of thrift store leftovers onto them. 

He sticks signs up by the road that say, 
"Everything's free."

Folks come out and get clothes, toys, shoes, and on this particular Saturday in inner-city Memphis, 
free family portraits. 

Jay Been started Shine in the Dark Ministries, 
and his goal is to see folks in the projects come to Jesus. 
He used to be on drugs himself, so he's certain of what Jesus is capable of. 

He takes care of 10 or 12 teenage boys on the weekends, and all those boys are now my family's friends. 

My momma takes family portraits of families in Memphis once a year, then gives them an 8x10 and wallets so they can have pretty pictures of themselves for Christmas. 

My whole family goes with her. 
I help them pose, hold sweet babies, and play hand games with the boys.