Monday, November 14, 2011

making room for relationships.

I don't have a TV.
or wifi.

know what that means?
my house is a place for conversation, playing music, paying attention to people, talking to Jesus, reading the Bible, and letting creativity grow.

my new friend Kara is 15, has beautiful and enormous hair, likes to write poetry, and has just recently made some wonderful decisions in regards to her life and Jesus.

she spent the weekend at my house,
where we did everything that my house is best for. 
one of our let-creativity-grow activities was 
jewelry and headband making.
(which is really taking weird old stuff and glueing it together)

We produced this headband that is full of snazz.

(don't let the computer fool you, she was just adjusting our background noise)

I like living in a place and in a life that focuses on relationships over entertainment.

no TV show or website is worth the beautiful conversations we got to have. 

p.s. I think about Christmas decorations everyday. I'm forcing myself to wait one more week. just one more week.