Saturday, October 15, 2011

wall decor (that means something)

every so often a person needs to hang some new things on their walls so that their eyes don't have to keep being bored with looking at the same things all the time.

for me, that every-so-often was this week.

this is the wall that I like to add decoration to.

the new addition is in the upper left corner, and is the testimony of my 16-year-old friend David, written out by his hand. 
David was a mess, and Jesus changed him. 
As a protest to the Devil and his darkness attacking my town, 
I framed David's testimony as a reminder to myself (and everyone else) that Jesus really can change people.
On a piece of paper, I wrote, 
"It IS possible for a young person to be changed by the Gospel. Jesus can do anything,"
and stuck it in there, too.

the other new decor went up on a wall in my dining room. 
I welded the word "Go" together in a sculpture class once, and now it's hanging above a picture frame with a bunch of my old boarding passes in it.
I scribbled the great commission and put it in there with the plane tickets. 

"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations..."
Matthew 28:19

 p.s. took this princess out to eat at a new local coffee shop today. She had her first ever Jones, and liked it.