Tuesday, October 4, 2011

kansas city and things so pretty.

I finally got to meet Kansas City and the
(IHOP, but prayer instead of pancakes)

My friends have been going there for years, and I somehow had never made the trip.
I sure did like it.

I was sort of shocked that so many 20-somethings who are in love with Jesus live in the same town. 
I wish a couple of them would move here. 

Made the trip with 7 friends, prayed for hours, had good conversation, a reunion with 3 friends who live in KC, and a lot of coffee.

One of my very best friends, Caleb, moved there to med school in June, and I was in Michigan when he left, so it had been FIVE months since we'd seen each other. 
We had lots of enjoyable catching up.
(with plenty of garage sales and laughter and sweet tea)

 (this, my people, is cheese on fire, melted with tomatoes and onions...woah...it was at this cute little Mediterranean place called The Jerusalem Cafe', and was served with fresh pita...double woah)

 (garage sale finds: old leather bag for $2.50, IHOP cd for $1, acid wash jeans for 50 cents, furry mittens for 50 cents, and a shirt for freeeeee)

We summed up Kansas City on Saturday night with some sugary coffee. 

Been thinking lately about how I don't deserve the life I have.

Thanks, God.