Saturday, October 8, 2011

fall la la

 I guess you've noticed it's October. 
With that in mind, I've been doing the most October-ish activities and it's been a wonderful 8 days. 

That man in the field up there is my cousin Gunnar. He's witty and tall and likes x-box. His mother, (my aunt), sent us on a pumpkin gathering assignment this week. 
We took a big old white truck to the pumpkin field and carried them to the back of the truck until we had 1/2 a bed full.
I sure didn't know that these sort of pumpkins had prickly, painful stems, but they do. 

Then I decided to make a friend. literally. His name is Thomas and he's my friendly backdoor greeter. 
The body of a man, the head of an elephant. 
creepy and awesome. but mostly just awesome.
 Yesterday we had a fishing party at my parents' farm. 
Doug, my friend and mentor and prayer warrior, caught that big catfish and then I watched it poop. (amazed, because I didn't really know fish could poop so visibly and big)